reCAPTCHA and Machine Image Recognition

Here I had assumed nobody but me reads this, but I got some love from the spammers last night.  Could’ve enabled the Akismet plugin (and maybe will), but I always thought the reCAPTCHA project was cool.  Harvest the human effort required to decode the spam-stopping CAPTCHA’s (Completely Automated Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart) and use it to help digitize books.  Too cool.  And free.

fun with photoshop
fun with photoshop

Kind of like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk project which I always thought was a cool idea… use distributed networks of humans to decode things machines can’t do, such as “is there a horse in this picture”.  Takes a human a second to figure that one out, but the smartest visual software in the world isn’t able to handle it.

Though it will soon.  Google acquired Neven Vision in 2006, whose facial recognition system appears to have been integrated into Picasa web albums and google image search.  Try searching for images containing Shakespeare’s face.  (because there’s some dispute) I was curious whether that would bring up different results than searching Google images using the terms Shakespeare face.  See for yourself

So, it works pretty well, but let’s hope Google continues to try to hew the party line: “don’t be evil”.  Combine facial recognition with the geotagging features and date added and you can follow people around the world via Picasa.  If you don’t already use Google Latitude that is (which allows your “friends” to track your movements by using GPS enabled phones..lovely).  It’s a brave new world in 1984 2009.

So for now, reCAPTCHA is cool and functional.  We’ll see what happens.

Stuff I Like

Looks like the dark outside

Looks like the dark outside is winning again.

The winter storm is coming, and the clouds are rolling down the window to the night.

appreciating the critics

Another round between the darkness falling and the moonlight crawling across the starless sky.

It’s how it is sometimes when the fingers move across the keys, something dribbles out, cutout black from surrounding white.

To add something worth reading to this post, how bout a little T.S. Eliot

I have seen them riding seaward on the waves
Combing the white hair of the waves blown back
When the wind blows the water white and black.

That line echoes around my head when the nights are long and the hours bleak.  I like it.

Felt like this post deserved something more than the same old schiele, so here’s one I’d deposited in the depths of my drive that edged towards this post with uncertain eyes..

A gallery opening likened to being impaled by arrows.  Sassy.




Finally got around to dorking with the site.  Although, to live up to it’s tagline there would be procrastination involved, so I added a li’l extra.  Added in my one post from August 2008, when it wasn’t snowing and chips and salsa and beer sounded like a good idea.  Wait, chips and salsa are always a good idea.  Who am I kidding here?  Good beer is also a good idea – I had the Ninkasi IPA the other day – and it was a good idea.  Decent scotch is also good, which is probably why I be ramblin’.

I put a new theme on this joint, added one of my pics from Peru as the background.  Llamas.

Dorking Out

yeah it’s my web hideout

Chips, salsa, and a beer: kicking back.  Living large?  Some say that living large involves bling, dubs, or having the last name “Large”.  I disagree.  I don’t need champagne or sparkling wine from Sonoma, California to tell me I’m a man.  Yeah, I stole that last line from a deodorant commercial from the 80’s.  But that’s what’s having a ummm, blog… is all about.  All about me.  And my idiosyncrasies.  Joining the crowd, the mass of humanity.  18 posts per second according to technorati:

Just a drop in the ocean, except this drop is unique!… ok fairly indistinct.  But this b-log is a drop in the bucket, or the toilet…  Filling the basin, flushing it down.  Probably enough for a first post.  Why?  Because it’s all about me.  And my old site was a pain in the ass to update or do anything with.  Ah, wordpress, so easy… ez if you will. And I will.