It’s all about me, stuff I like, stuff I made, that kinda thing.  One way or another, the whole shebang is my fault.

But it’s fun for me to throw stuff up on occasion.  I’m not talking about regurgitation, though when you see some of the stuff I made, that may come to mind.

I’m using the About page to justify the fact that I have a site with my name on it because it’s slightly embarrassing.  Like the Leaning Tower of Pisa is “slightly” unstable.  But I don’t get the benefit of hundreds of engineers around the world trying to prop me up with scaffolding.  I’ve still got a range of mobility, and though I don’t like to brag, I’m going to anyway:  I’m boring myself here.  Wow.

I had an urge once to register the domain, so I might as well do something that entertains me.  Entertaining myself could cost hundreds of dollars, but here, I do it for almost free.  I like bargains.

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