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Here’s the spot for things/stuff (is there a difference?) I made.  Things like graphics, like this enormous header above.  I enjoy working with photoshop, illustrator, fireworks, 3dsmax, etc etc.

Here’s a quickie logo mockup for the Grammo brand. We ended up not using it so this was as far as it went. 3dsmax.

I’ve done a lot of promotional emails in my day. 154 (based on a quick folder count) while I was at UBP.   I don’t really consider myself a designer, but I’ve designed a bunch..just not especially well.  Here’s one where we needed it to look good for our first brand communication to our customers, so I did what I could.  Definitely one of the better ones I’ve done.  Created in Photoshop CS2 with shoe photo from Gaerne.  The logo is actually from a scan of a sticker because we didn’t have a proper digital logo yet…funny.

These are both photoshop mockups, not the actual html.


Since our email response rates correlated more with content than looks, most of the emails were pretty boring.  But this one was fun to do and had a good response.  Which is nice.  Nice team effort on this one.  Dylan volunteered his fists for the cause.  Figured I should blur out the relevant prices, just so nobody knows how great the deal was.  haha?


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