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Just Bunches Cereal – For people who can’t admit they like granola

My morning “epiphany”, staring into my bowl of on-sale-so-I-bought-it “Just Bunches”.

You might recognize this cereal from such cereals as “Honey Bunches of Oats”.

Or granola.

Bunches. Of Granola.

I laughed.


Multiple-Entendre! double-entendre. single-entendre?

If “Bike” Was A Synonym For “Penis”:

Rob gets paid to ride other people’s bikes.

My bike got scraped up after I rode it drunk.

When my bike isn’t working properly sometimes all it needs is a few drops of lubricant.

You can hear my bike coming a block away when it’s wet.

Putting a little fresh grease on my balls makes my bike move faster.

Now, Imagine if “My Sense of Humor” Was a Synonym for “Actually Funny”




Finally got around to dorking with the site.  Although, to live up to it’s tagline there would be procrastination involved, so I added a li’l extra.  Added in my one post from August 2008, when it wasn’t snowing and chips and salsa and beer sounded like a good idea.  Wait, chips and salsa are always a good idea.  Who am I kidding here?  Good beer is also a good idea – I had the Ninkasi IPA the other day – and it was a good idea.  Decent scotch is also good, which is probably why I be ramblin’.

I put a new theme on this joint, added one of my pics from Peru as the background.  Llamas.