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Chips, salsa, and a beer: kicking back. Living large?

Chips, salsa, and a beer: kicking back.  Living large?  Some say that living large involves bling, dubs, or having the last name “Large”.  I disagree.  I don’t need champagne or sparkling wine from Sonoma, California to tell me I’m a man.  Yeah, I stole that last line from a deodorant commercial from the 80’s.  But that’s what’s having a ummm, blog… is all about.  All about me.  And my idiosyncrasies.  Joining the crowd, the mass of humanity.  18 posts per second according to technorati:

Just a drop in the ocean, except this drop is unique!… ok fairly indistinct.  But this b-log is a drop in the bucket, or the toilet…  Filling the basin, flushing it down.  Probably enough for a first post.  Why?  Because it’s all about me.  And my old site was a pain in the ass to update or do anything with.  Ah, wordpress, so easy… ez if you will. And I will.

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A heartbreaking work of staggering genius, duncan. Completely unique. Indescribable. Ok, I’ll try: the whole of human evolution has been leading up the point of this blog post. Forever after, it will be BP, and AP, Before Post, and After Post, blah blah whatever.
No longer amusing myself, time to end.

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